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  • Engineering


    A true landmark in plant engineering industry, in more than 30 years of experience SITECNE has performed high-level jobs for important Italian and foreign companies such as Ansaldo Energia, Justus, Saipem, Technimont, Edison, Foster Wheeler, Fiat Group, Snamprogetti, Agip, Tecnomare. SITECNE today represents a technical facility equipped with considerable experience in field of industrial plant engineering.

  • Maintenance of civil and industrial buildings

    Maintenance of civil and industrial buildings

    Our strength is the technical capacity and the flexibility in placing the customer in all phases of work, in order to assure a single source: the possible design, static calculations, the management practices for the ' obtaining permits to build, the Works Department, which manages the workers (mason, electrician, joiner, carpenter, blacksmith, painter ..) and the choice of the best materials. We combine our experience to customers’ needs to always find right compromise for proper redevelopment of their property, both in civilian and in industrial areas.

  • Fire safety

    Fire safety

    Sitecne srl offers maximum efficiency in fire safety sector while ensuring a full complete service, covering design, installation, testing, certification and maintenance. Our warehouse is at your disposal for supply of fire doors, panic exit devices, hardware, extinguishers, articles for passive and active fire protection.

  • A wealth of technical knowledge, constructive and regulations

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  • Our strengths

    • Field Service Supervision
    • Project management, client relationships from order to completion of the project, coordination and supervision activities;
    • Works accounting and cost control;
    • Civil, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and automation engineering;
    • Procurement, expediting and suppliers follow-up;
    • Work supervision / assistance in the field;
    • Management and execution of commissioning, start-up activities;
    • Plant operation and maintenance;
    • Definition and development standards, specifications and manuals;
    • feasibility studies, environmental site surveys;
    • Technical archive, storage;
    • Construction materials and equipment organization;
    • Work status, work progress on site;
    • Pre-commissioning, commissioning & start-up;
    • Basic and Detailed design, layouts, diagrams, schematics, data sheets, advanced 3D plant design;
    • Expediting, material and packing equipment, transportation.
  • Fire protection

    Fire doors, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, as the EFC and the facilities in general, to ensure their functions and their efficiency, have to undergo six-monthly review by controls carried out by qualified personnel. In general it is the legislative decree 626/94 which establishes importance of periodic checks, which are an obligation of employer and to ensure efficacy of safety devices and fire protection equipment.

  • Building maintenance

    SITECNE srl works closely with best property management firms, public and private bodies, with regard to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the buildings, while ensuring a good service for the "emergency", for which we rely on the timely collaboration of guidance of qualified installers, electricians, plumbers, locksmiths, window manufacturers, laborers, so as to obtain in recent years the confidence of institutions and important companies such as Tamoil, Saras, Stanley Black & Decker, Ciodue SpA, INAIL, and various hospitals and nursing homes in Northern Italy.

  • Active Aid against fire

    • Portable and wheeled fire extinguishers
    • Reels and hydrants
    • Extinguishing gas / foam / flood
    • Detection systems
  • Passive Aid against fire

    • Fireproof Doors and gates
    • Compartmentalizations
    • Smoke and heat evacuators
    • Fire dampers

  • Practices Fire Prevention Certificate

    Body responsible for issuing standards and monitoring them is Ministry of Interior that, to this end, uses work of Fire Brigade. The aforementioned control is done according to a well-defined licensing procedure which ends with the issuance of the certificate of fire prevention.

    Sitecne S.r.l. is able to follow this procedure, the reconnaissance of the sites for the preparation of drawings, the construction management on site to the fire adjustment to the supply of materials directly from the manufacturer, until the filling in of forms for submission of the fire prevention to Provincial command of the fire brigade. This certificate attests that the activity, subject to monitoring, complies with the applicable safety provisions.

    Having a fire prevention certificate does not mean that building will never undergo a fire, but attests that this building was designed according to level of security required by Italian State.



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